The campaign

1 June, 2007

The campaign will be a series of protests over the Summer period, designed to raise public awareness, attract media attention and to push the issue of rape and male violence to the top of the government agenda. A Summer of Protest.

This campaign is a newly formed activist group and is an alliance of feminists joining forces to make a visible protest.

purple cap 

To make ourselves visible, we will be wearing a purple baseball cap and purple t-shirt (chosen for the unique colour, and also paying homage to the Suffragettes). The colour of the cap is more of a very deep violet, but with light refractive qualities – difficult to photograph accurately.

If you would like to organise a regional protest, please contact us and we can order the caps and t-shirts for your group. It is preferable that someone from your region attends one of the London protests to see it in action.

There is a one-off cost to protestors to cover the cost of the cap and t-shirt, however they are worn for all the demos:
£5 for unwaged/students/low-income protestors
£10 for waged protestors
Placards are supplied. There is likely to be another round of demonstrations in Summer 2008, as it is doubtful that sweeping legal reforms about rape will have been made. The Suffragettes campaigned for about 20 years to get us the vote.

The protest format:
This is a highly mobile protest and is not suitable for those with mobility problems. There are one or two static demonstrations planned (at Parliament Square) later in the year when Parliament returns after the recess. The protest is part static, part march, as we move about from public place to public place (chanting of course!). The protest ‘mood’ is upbeat, rather than one of anger – and we have a lot of fun.

We meet at a designated location in central London, usually at 11am, protest for about an hour and a half, break for lunch, and continue again after lunch. We organise a ‘pooled’ lunch, and the lunchbreak is certainly an enjoyable, chatty, part of the day. A great place to meet like-minded feminists. The age range is from late teens to mid-fifties generally.

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Marching protestors

Protestors at rest